Rental prices in big cities can really be a problem for those who do not earn enough, so there are those who decide to invent ways of funky and affordable living.


And ‘the case of Peter Berkowitz, 25, of San Francisco graph has decided to live in a closet to save on the cost of the rent in the famous US city. His “room” in the closet is just 2.5 meters wide, 1.2 high and one meter deep. All for only $ 400 a month!


Peter had initially planned to split a two-bedroom apartment with a friend, but he realized that the cost of a one bedroom apartment was not equally sustainable. He then rented a one-room and built his closet-house, sharing the studio with another tenant.

The Peter cabinet is equipped with various facilities including a double bed, folding table and LED lights. “Yes, I live in a closet is a bit ‘absurd. But the absurdity is endemic in the insane prices of rents in San Francisco,” he told reporters.