The cats meow in different languages?


There are questions that may seem obvious, but maybe they are not so much. We usually think that the verses of our animal friends are universal, in fact has already been demonstrated, for example, in chimpanzees, the accents change depending on where they live.



Thus, some researchers at Lund University in Sweden, led by the project coordinator
Susanne Schötz, have questioned whether this also happens to cats. We know that cats consciously change the pitch of their meows, probably to convey a certain message or an emotion.

The study wants to understand the extent to which domestic cats are influenced by the languages and dialects of humans. The research team is therefore using the phonetic analysis to compare the language of cats of different regions of Sweden.

The ultimate goal is to improve communication between cats and humans: Adult wild cats, in fact, not almost never meow, domestic cats instead it does, this shows that cats want to communicate with us.