Life sentence for having bought a toy gun


The last thing he would have expected the Chinese eighteen Liu Dawei is that a purchase of 24 toy guns would lead him to spend the rest of his life in prison.

The charge? Arms trafficking. According to police, in fact, 20 of the 24 rifles were purchased real weapons. The accusation may seem legitimate but the problem lies in defining that in China is given to “firearm”. In this country, in fact, the value of energy it takes for an object to be considered a firearm is very different from that of other countries. Simply put the weapons purchased by the boy would not be real weapons and would certainly not be able to kill and maybe even hurt.


The minimum sentence for arms trafficking in China is 7 years, the judge, however, given the large number of weapons, considered that the just punishment in this case was the death penalty, commuted to life imprisonment given the young age.

At the time of the judgment, Liu asked the court to be able to be shot with the weapons he had bought: if you really were dangerous, would have had the punishment he deserved, otherwise he could finally leave in peace. The request was refused but given the numerous media pressure there will soon be a new trial.