He rent a car, sell it and then steal it


He thought he had found a way to make money fast an Indian 28 year old who, after renting a car, he immediately sold to a naive buyer who stole a few hours later, then returning it to the rental agency and pocketing the money of the sale.

The scam was successful the first time, but when he tried again, Mintoo Kumar was discovered and arrested. Everything was started by renting a Mahindra XUV500 in New Delhi, scovandone the registration data and falsifying the registration certificate.


After making the false documents has put an online ad and, once contacted by an interested buyer, he rented the car taking her to the buyer. So, taking advantage of the GPS installed in the car, he tracked and stolen by using a duplicate key.

When Kumar tried again for the second time, however, following the tip from a suspicious person from selling, to await the con man was the police who arrested him. His justification? He was trying to put together money to pay the debts of his failed venture.