He resigned to play Pokemon Go


One of the current trends is Pokemon Go, a game that has been incredibly successful in the world. But for many it has become a craze. An example? The 24 year old New Zealander Tom Currie he quit to devote himself full-time to the game.



Tom was a waiter in a bar in Auckland, but the time dedicated to work was an obstacle in order to become the best player in the world of Pokemon Go.

His days have changed a lot since he left the job: every morning starts with a backpack containing a thermos of coffee and partly Pokemon hunt. He has already gone through almost all of New Zealand by bus.

“I worked for six years and I needed a break. And Pokemon Go has given me the opportunity to have a little ‘adventure,” explained Tom. Pokemon Go is a game based on augmented reality that allows you to drive out the Pokemon in the real world, thanks to integration with the phone’s GPS.