Restaurant prohibits access to bankers after a loan denied


He not have must taken well the owner of a restaurant in Paris, having received a rejection for a bank loan, since it has decided to ban the entry into their local bank at all.



Alexandre Callet has decided to write in a clear sign that “The dogs are welcome. No admittance to the bank,” adding in a little “unless you pay an entrance fee of € 70,000.”

Precisely this was the figure that the entrepreneur had borrowed to open a second restaurant, but all the banks his request was refused, despite being a small figure compared to the turnover of EUR 300,000 a year of his current restaurant.

To weigh the refusal, probably, the young owner of the age (30 years), something that is often a disadvantage. Even more difficult was Callet to get the first loan, which allowed him to open his first restaurant when he was only 23 years: as many as 20 banks have rejected him.