A rock in the head for weight loss


In the past we have already talked about really strange methods for weight loss, such as the strange technique to slim staring at the sun, or the even more unusual to lose weight by eating at McDonald’s. The method invented by a Chinese 53 year old, however, has nothing to envy to those mentioned above.

The man, named Cong Yan, has invented a strange daily exercise that involves walking with 40kg on the head by a rock. The method seems effective as Cong has already lost 30 kg over the past three years.


As soon as the man was made out to be in bad shape, it decided not to follow a classic workout routine, inventing the Real. Starting life as you walk with a 15 kg stone on his head, when he realized that he had become too easy has doubled the weight.

Today climbs 3 km per day with a concrete block of 40 kg in the head. Cong is famous in his town and it is not uncommon to see him around. The notoriety has also brought in a new idea: to contact Guinness World Records to see if there is a record that can conquer.