Turkish sues his wife because she speaks bad of Erdogan


Even before there was an attempted coup in Turkey, President Erdogan seemed to have very devoted fans. One of them, indeed, had come to be due to his wife for insulting the president when he appeared on television.

Ali Dinç had repeatedly asked his wife to stop but she had not wanted to know anything and he even changed the channel. The man decided to go to the authorities.


“I continued to warn her, to ask her why he did this. Our president is a good person and doing good things for Turkey,” the man said to reporters, “I loved her, but no more. If he just insulted me, I could accept that. But I can not accept that Erdogan insults. ”

The woman, in response, has filed for divorce. In October of 2015 also two boys aged 12 and 13 years were sentenced to four years in prison for having torn the posters of Erdogan.